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Yama Series in Dellu Cosan – African Culture and Tradition
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YAMA in “Dèllou Cosan”

This is the story of a small village that lives the purely African tradition. Values, good education and good morals reign in this small country. Nevertheless, modernism that works in the right direction is welcomed with open arms. A modernism that tends towards development, intelligence, discoveries, technology and … decency.

YAMA, the orphan girl, well educated by her mother SODA, perfectly embodies this life of fusing African tradition with this well-defined modernism.

Like his mother, Yama tries to maintain the family home. She dedicates to every member of her family a total respect and a perfect devotion.

On the opposite side, Fatou, the rebellious woman, annoyed by the submission of her co-wife Soda to their husband Ndiaga, set the family on fire. She stands on the path of Yama, the heroine of the film, a thousand and one obstacles to stop her from seeing the end of the tunnel.

Nouvelle serie senegalaise

Endowed with enormous intelligence, Yama manages to overcome her aunt without hurting her, will cross three major obstacles: the non-schooling of children, especially young girls, early marriage and the challenge of a woman entrepreneur.
But Yama does not stop there. She uses her extraordinary intelligence to help anyone who crosses her path, to improve.
The roles are embodied by children whose average age is 15 years.
This choice is made to capture, more, a target at low ages often ignored in the Senegalese TV movie.

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Serie TV
Culture et tradition africaine
Ahmadou Seye
Serigne Souaybou Mbacké MAR
Moustapha MAR
Mbacké, Diourbel, Senegal

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