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Convey a strong and emotional message through your brand’s guidelines,

Brand guidelines in Senegal

With experienced and creative experts in brand guidelines, our Senegalese graphic designers will provide you with a will provide you with a brand identity that will perfectly represent your company. Then we will guarantee you a coherent and flexible brand communication with a clear and thoughtful Brand guidelines.

Brand identity in Senegal

The brand guidelines aims to give your brand a visual identity that is easy to use and easy to understand by ensuring a consistent look and tone in all its communications. We will reinforce the rules of your brand image, including its presentation, how to use your logo, your typography and your color palette by creating examples such as your letterhead and business card. This will provide a unified and consistent brand identity across all your marketing platforms and channels.

Graphic design experts in Senegal

Our designers experts develop compelling and engaging brand guidelines. We will study your company or organization, its history, your targets and objectives to be in line with your company’s vision. We will then develop the unique brand guidelines that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Corporate Media or Video Guidelines.

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The media brand guidelines is very well known and respected by the major branded television channels. Beyond the logo, the typography and the colors of the brand, the Corporate Media or Video Guidelines. is above all, the creation of a complete design and animation package in the form of a template to dress all the videos of the brand channel. For example the intro or opening credits, the outro or closing credits, lower third or title, transitions etc.

The Corporate Media or Video Guidelines. also clearly and precisely defines the rules on how to use titles, subtitles, logo overlay on the video and their proportions, technical requirements on the quality of the video and sound produced for the brand, etc.

Branded videos

So today, large organizations or branded companies that frequently produce videos are using this Corporate Video Guidelines in their video production. Therefore, the Corporate Video Guidelines will allow them to reinforce the trust, recognition and loyalty of their customers, partners or public. With branded videos that respect their Corporate Video Guidelines.

12 years of experience

Fortunately for you, Madyana Studio has the best studio with all the latest equipment and tools. With experienced and creative experts in logo creation, jingle, credits, advertising, 2D or 3D animations. Using the latest Ultra High Definition technologies to make your brand identity unique.


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We have earned a strong reputation as a graphic design and video production company in Senegal. So we have reached and grown with our national and international clientele by working on graphic designs, documentary films, news reports, 3D animations and specific designs that are essential to make key effects in digital communication. Any type of graphic design, video or 3D animation you need, we can design, realize and perfect it for you.



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