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Convey a strong and emotional message through your brand’s guidelines,

Importance of a brand guideline

The brand guideline is an essential element for conveying a strong and emotional message through the visual identity of your brand. In Senegal, working with experienced brand guideline experts can guarantee consistent and flexible brand communication. A well-developed brand guideline ensures a consistent appearance and tone in all your company’s communications.

Visual Identity in Senegal

Developing a visual identity in Senegal involves creating a brand guideline that is easy to use and understand. This should include the presentation of your logo, typography and color palette. By establishing clear rules, such as the use of your letterhead and business card, you ensure a unified visual identity across all your marketing platforms and channels.

Work with Graphic Designer Experts

Our expert graphic designers in Senegal specialize in creating convincing and engaging graphic charters. They study your business, its history, your targets and objectives to align their work with your vision. By collaborating with these creative professionals, you can develop a unique brand guideline that will allow you to stand out from the competition.

A thoughtful and well-executed brand guideline is essential to strengthen your brand image. With the help of expert Senegalese graphic designers, you can achieve a visual identity that perfectly represents your business, ensuring consistent and flexible brand communication.

The Importance of Video Guidelines for Major Television Channels

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What is a Video Guidelines?

Video Guidelines is a set of rules and visual guidelines which define the graphic identity of a television channel or a brand. It is not only limited to the logo, typography and colors, but also includes design and animation elements to dress up all the videos on the channel.

The Key Elements of Video Guidelines

Video Guidelines includes various essential elements such as the intro or opening credits, the outro or ending credits, lower thirds or titling, and transitions. These elements are created in the form of templates to ensure visual consistency in all videos produced by the brand.

Use of Video Guidelines

Video Guidelines clearly defines how to use titles, subtitles, and the brand logo on videos. It also specifies the proportions and technical requirements regarding the quality of the video and sound. This framework allows large organizations to ensure consistent, high-quality video production.

The Advantages of Respecting Video Guidelines

Adopting a Video guidelines helps strengthen the trust, recognition and loyalty of customers, partners or audiences. Branded videos that follow these guidelines are more professional and help maintain a strong, consistent brand image.

The Expertise of Madyana Studio

With 14 years of experience, Madyana Studio has the latest equipment and creative experts in creating logos, jingles, credits, advertising, and 2D or 3D animations. Using the latest ultra high definition technologies, Madyana Studio helps you make your visual identity unique.


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