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What Are the Types of Luxury Photography in Senegal?

Luxury photography in Senegal is a broad term that encompasses many different types of photography. These include: real estate, architecture, commercial, food and corporate.

Real Estate Photography in Senegal

Real estate photography is the practice of taking pictures of properties that are for sale. These photos are often used by real estate agents to help their clients sell their homes, as well as by home buyers who want to get an idea of what a home looks like before they buy it.

Realtors may use luxury photography for residential properties or commercial properties, such as high-end retail stores, restaurants and hotels.

Architectural Photography in Senegal

“Architectural photography is a type of photography that captures the beauty of buildings, landscapes, and other man-made structures. It is used for commercial and residential purposes.”

The type of architectural photography you choose may depend on your budget, location and other factors. Before you begin working with an architect to get your home or business photographed, it is important to understand the difference between architectural images for commercial use versus those for personal use.

Commercial Photography in Dakar

Commercial photography involves taking photographs of products, people, or places for advertising or marketing purposes. This type of photography is sometimes called corporate photography, as it is usually hired by businesses to improve their image and increase sales. Commercial photographers can be found in a number of industries; they may take pictures for film sets and photo shoots, create stock images for companies to use as marketing materials, or even provide images on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

“Corporate Photography In Dakar, Senegal …”

Corporate photography is a type of photography that captures the essence of a company and showcases it in an artistic way. In corporate work, you’ll often see portraits of executives and employees, as well as images that show off products or locations.

Corporate photography is different from commercial photography because it’s typically used to promote a brand rather than sell any one product. If you’re interested in shooting corporate projects, you may want to specialize in event coverage—this will allow your clients to use your photos for multiple purposes, including advertisements and web content.

Food Photography

Food photography is a type of photography that captures food in such a way that it appears appealing and appetizing. It’s used in advertising, packaging and magazines. Food photographers use different types of lighting to make the food look good.

  • Natural Lighting:

This type of lighting comes from the sun or other natural light sources like windows and lamps. Natural lighting can create shadows on the subject which can add depth or contrast to your photo.

  • Artificial Lighting:

This type can come from anything artificial including flashlights, lamps, or even candles! Artificial lighting provides more control over how you want your images to look because you’re able to change how bright/dark they are by adjusting how long you leave them on for each time until they reach their peak brightness level before turning off completely again so that only one side gets turned off then another etcetera until all four sides have been turned off four times since there should always be at least two sides turned on at any given time when using this method; this allows photographers who work with artificial lights such as LED strips along with strobes (flashlights) as well as fluorescent bulbs indoors

Wedding Photography in Dakar

  • Wedding photography, in particular, is a booming business.
  • Wedding photographers are artists at their craft. They strive to capture the essence of a couple’s relationship and wedding day, and they must be able to do so in a way that highlights the unique personality of each client.
  • In order to create images that reflect your personality and style as a couple, you need someone who knows both you and your partner well enough to be able to represent both of you accurately. This means choosing someone who knows how each of you looks best on camera—whether that means using natural light for one person or posing him or her against an interesting background for another one—and then taking time during your session together (or over email) for questions about what kinds of photos would mean most to you as individuals as well as couples together.

Luxury Photography Is Commercial and Individual Photography

There are two types of luxury photography: commercial and individual.

Commercial photography is any photography that’s done for business purposes, and it includes everything from advertising campaigns to product shots. Individual work is more personal, and includes weddings or events where the photographer captures images on behalf of one person or family rather than a company.

While luxury doesn’t mean an expensive camera—you can have a fancy lens but use an old SLR—it does mean you get high-quality prints at professional-level resolution and quality, whether they’re printed or displayed digitally.


Luxury photography is a unique form of art that has many different uses. It can be used for corporate purposes or to capture the best moments of your wedding day. With the right skills and equipment, you can create beautiful images that will last forever.