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Brand / Visual identity

3D logo

Convey a strong and emotional message through your brand’s graphic charter

We make logos, jingles, movie credits, advertisements, virtual studios, animations. Using the latest technologies, Ultra high definition, high definition and in 3D or 2D to make your visual identity unique.

Fortunately for you, Madyana Studio has the best studio with all the latest equipment and tools. Along with experienced and creative experts just waiting to start working on your projects.

Visual identity

We have earned a strong reputation as a Video Production and Graphic Design company in Senegal. So we have reached and grown with our international clientele by working on documentaries, reports, 3D animations and specific designs that are essential for making key effects in video production. Any kind of video, graphics or 3D animation you need, we can have it prepared for you. Then we’ll have it perfected for you.

3D mobile phone design
All In One with Us !

Your imagination is the limit with what can happen in our production studio. Why brag about the famous directors and film producers who have worked with us? When we can show you the results as they arise. With your requests for your advertising content, your short films and your advanced documentaries. You are sure to want the attention of a lifetime. The projector will stay on your video for a long time.



They trusted us.